Mike Yee Outfitting

Our goal is to provide you, the serious whitewater canoeist, with the most innovative outfitting available today. Mike Yee ahas spent years developing and refining his products. Paddler feedback and countless hours of on-water testing have resulted in what we, and thousands of satisfied paddlers, consider to be the finest outfitting on the market.

We use only the highest quality, most durable materials. All of our anchor products are constructed of marine-grade 24 oz. vinyl. Webbing attachments all receive a minimum of eleven stitch runs (using automotive-grade, rot-resistant nylon thread) on primary stress points, and five stitch runs on the secondary points. Oversized anchor bases provide a larger gluing surface area, reducing the chance of adhesion failure. We pay meticulous attention to every detail in the manufacturing of our products.

All Mike Yee Outfitting products (unless improperly used or installed) are guaranteed to be free of material and manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the original date of purchase.

Mike Yee outfitting will be closed July and Aug of 2024
Mike Yee Outfitting will closing in the next couple of years so please plan accordingly

Mike Yee Outfitting has introduced a triple-strap  anchor system. Developed for the challenges of holding taller paddlers into their outfitting, it also has applications for boat sharing between paddlers of greatly different heights, for paddling schools, or for anyone looking for improved performance from their outfitting through better control and stability.

It is very important to use the right kind of adhesive when installing your MYO product, using the wrong kind of adhesive can result in impropper installation.

MYO strongly suggests that you avoid using Vinyl-Tec 2000 on any of our products
Vyna-Bond or HH66 is recommended for use on Royalex boats
Stabond UK-148 for Royalex Light boat

G-Flex or Stabond for epoxy based boats
-West System 404 filler can be added to G-Flex to thicken the mixture
to avoid run off
- temporarily tape the patches in place till glue sets, but remove
before it dries

Use Contact Cement on Knee Cups and Pedestal
-make sure the glue is "Flammable" which makes it water resistant
-avoid using Gel as it will go on too thick
-if using Contact Cement on the Pedestal, it will have to be re-glued
after 12-18 months. For a more permanent pedestal install, use
G-flex or Epoxy

Stabond is always recommended for use on used or re-outfitted boats

Sanding of the patches is not recommended as the process might weaken the     stitching on the patches

Cleaning of the boat and patches VERY important
-use acetone when applying Vina-Bond or HH66
-use MEK (Methyl Ethyl Keytone) when applying Stabond
G-Flex, or Epoxy
Both these products can be found at Lowe's

For detailed instructions on the Gluing process, see the Installation section.

Mike Yee Outfitting

Mike Yee Outfitting has been an industry leader in supplying serious whitewater paddlers canoe, kayak, and rafting outfitting for over 30 years. Top quality materials, meticulous attention to detail, and real world paddling experience make Mike Yee Outfitting the only choice for experienced whitewater paddlers. For this reason you will find Mike Yee Outfitting in boats all over the world. So whether you have just begun paddling or are returning to equip your new boat with the best outfitting available feel free to browse the catalog and contact us with any questions you may have.

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Mike Yee Outfitting

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